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Our Brands of Lights
**PERKO Inc. is a manufacturer of marine hardware and accessories. All of our products are made in the USA.
**Optronics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicular safety and interior lighting for the OEM, automotive, and marine markets.Fish-N-Lights are incredibly powerful quartz halogen lights put out an amazing 300,000 cp. Fresh and saltwater models to choose from. Enables the night fisherman to see his fishing line, lures, and even strikes in the darkest of nights. The blacklight illuminates fluorescent fishing line and some lures; enables you to see strikes before you feel them; untangle snags and backlashes; tie your lures on; and catch more fish!
**Boater Sports, Inc. manufactures and distributes quality products for the recreational marine industry. At Boater Sports, we offer a comprehensive range of high quality products.
LED Lights
Light Emitting Diode, more commonly known as "LED", represents the cutting edge of lighting technology. LEDs operate on a totally different concept than traditional incandescent style lights. Instead of using a brittle metal filament that is susceptible to shock and vibration, LEDs are solid-state devices with no moving parts utilizing an electronic chip that is encapsulated in an epoxy substrate. This design provides increased durability and a protective seal against outside or foreign elements.LED's are very energy efficient and consume less power (amp draw)...up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs. This reduces the load on your electrical system including your battery, alternator, and power converter.LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours compared to 3,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Consider real world circumstances where more incandescent bulbs need to be replaced within one year. An LED light will last over 20 years before needing a replacement.LEDs are vastly becoming the preferred low voltage lighting resource versus incandescent lighting. New and brighter LEDs are under development and will impact your future lighting requirements. Take advantage of the many benefits of LED lighting.
Innovative Docking Lights
Product Number: 580 Series
•Sold as a Pair
•Operates 12 Volt DC Systems
•50 Watt Halogen Lamp
•Draws 4 Amps Each
•Sealed Built-in Rear Heat Sink
•Thermal Insulated Wires
•Pyrex Optical Lens
•Spring Loaded Lamp Assembly
•Removable Lens Cover
•Water Tight Gaskets Included

Price: $100.00
1 Million Candlepower Rechargeable Spotlight by Optronics
55-watt quartz halogen bulb. 6-volt 4 amp battery. Black housing.
# GR-100B
Price: $21.00
NightBlaster 3 Million Candlepower 12V Spotlight by Optronics
3,000,000 Candlepower - 12-volt handheld Spotlight. Marine glare reduction lens. 130-watt quartz halogen. Removable 10-ft. coil cord with handy storage compartment. Trigger switch.
# QH-3001
Price: $32.00
Remote Control Spotlight by Optronics
10-ft. Control Cable. Cold Cathode Area Light. Stainless Hardware. Suction Mount. Black Housing.
# RC-5500
Price: $128.00
Nightblaster LED Spotlight
3 Watt Luxeon LED - 80 lumen white beam, Illuminates reflective surface at 300 yds, 4 hr run time per charge, Ergonomic design with cushioned rubber grip, Rechargeable NiMH battery pack included, 110 volt and 12 volt chargers.
Price: $48.00
All-around dual-mount folding anchor/stern light adjusts to any angle with thumb screw. Anodized tube is non-corrosive and water tight. Provides 360° visibility. Includes angled windshield mount. 10-3/4" long.
# 51264
Price: $22.00
Hight Intensity LED Surface Mount Underwater Light by Boatersports (BEST SELLER)
Finally an affordable underwater light! Totally waterproof and designed to be used above or below water line. White LED color. The convex glass used allows for more of a flood effect offering a wider aperture and greater light output than comparable LED models on the market. The LED design draws less amperage from limited onboard power supplies and has an extended bulb life over conventional bulbs. Includes surface option mounting pad.
Price: $60.00
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LED Submersible Fishing Light by Optronics

Featuring six LED's, this submersible light provides light output comparable to fluorescent and halogen models of the same size, yet consumes less power. The fluted reflector multiplies the light of the LED's and reflects it in every angle to reach more fish. Powered by three AAA batteries, the light is completely portable, not tied down by a 12-volt cord; but the low amp draw of LED's means batteries will last–up to 50 hours! Compact size (less than 10") allows for easy storage. Eyelet on endcap for weight allows light to be submersed at desired level. Battery cartridge holds 3 AAA batteries (included).#LED-100G
Price: $32.00
NightBlaster® Submersible Rattling Fish-N-Lite by Optronics
Submersible Fish-N-Lite. 300,000 cp. underwater light, beam magnifier, rattles and bubbles. 15-ft. cord with battery clips.
Price: $22.00
Floating Fish-N-Lite by Optronics
Floating Fish-N-Lite, waterproof styrofoam housing, molded handle allows unit to double as spotlight, 26,000 cp., 8-ft. cord with battery clips.
Price: $17.00
Fishing/Black Light by Optronics
Twin Fluorescent, switch on one for black light or the other for standard fluorescent. Two suction cups and carrying strap. Compact unit operates from 12-volt power source; or with 6 "D" cell batteries. 12-volt power cord.
Price: $44.00
NightBlaster® Magnum by Optronics
Submersible Green Fish-N-Lite. 18-inch fluorescent tube glows green when illuminated, increasing the power and attraction for deep lakes and ocean use. 12-volt unit includes battery clips, 15-ft. cord, 20-ft. safety cord. Operates both in and out of the water. Draws only 1 amp.
# UW-300G
Price: $42.00
NightBlaster® by Optronics
Submersible Green Fish-N-Lite. 9-inch fluorescent tube glows green when illuminated, 15-ft. cord, 20ft. Safety cord. Operates both in and out of the water. Draws only 1/2 amp.
# UW-100G
Price: $29.00
LED Submersible Utility/Livewell Light by Boatersports
Waterproof super bright L.E.D. designed for livewells, lockers, or compartments. Can be used above or below water level with through wall mounting. Low amp draw and 10 year rated life so you can leave the lights on. 12 Volt. Pig-tail wire connection. Face: Overall 1"; Overall Depth: 3/4"
# 51114
Price: $6.00
Livewell or Compartment Light by TH Marine
This innovative new livewell or compartment light is 100% waterproof mounts easily with "thru-hull" style threaded housing. Packaged. Face: Overall 2"; Overall Depth: 3"
# LWL-1
Price: $19.00
Square Surface Mount Dome Light by Perko
Chrome plated zinc alloy. White translucent plastic globe. Adjustable dimmer. 12V.
Diameter: 3-3/4"; Overall Depth: 1-1/4"; Max Wattage: 10; Screw Size: 8 R.H.
# 1260DP2CHR
Price: $38.00
Exterior Surface Mount Dome Light by Perko
Ivory Perko-Kote zinc alloy. Double contact bayonet socket. Black vinyl mounting gasket. Push switch with water resistant boot. 12V bulb included.
O.D. Globe: 4"; O.D. Base: 5"; Overall Depth: 1-7/8"; Wattage of supplied bulb: 11; Maximum wattage: 17 watts; Screw size: 10 R.H.
# 1253DP1WHT
Price: $48.00
Trolling Motor Headlight by Anderson Marine Group
Mounts directly to your trolling motor bracket. Allowing for you to see where you need to. Perfect for afther disk or predawn fishing, docking and loading. Comes with hardware. SOLD EACH-NOT IN PAIRS
# TL-10SS
Price: $21.00
Waterproof LED Utility Strip Light by Boatersports
White LED light with clear lens. 6 LED light is totally waterproof and designed to be used above or below water line. Low amp draw, shock resistant, 10 year LED warranty, 12-Volt and pig tail wire connection is fully sealed.
Price: $12.50
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Reduced Glare Design Cockpit Light by Perko
White bezel with black plastic base. 12V bulb included. Designed to direct 80% of the light downward, thus reducing cockpit glare.
O.D. Overall: 3". Depth: 1". Installs in a 2-1/8" diameter hole. Screw size: #8.
Price: $42.00
Surface Mount Dome Light by Optronics
This surface mount dome light features an attractive, weather-resistant aluminum housing for years of durability. Pre-wired and ready for a fast, easy installation. Packaged for display. 5" Dia. with on/off Switch.
Price: $9.00
Surface Mount Dome Light by Perko
Bronze base. Brass body. Polished chrome plated powder coating. For 12, 24 and 32 volts.
O.D. Globe: 3"; O.D. Base: 3-3/14"; Overall Depth: 1-1/2"; Wattage of Supplied Bulb: 7; Max Wattage: 11; Screw Size: 10 R.H.
Price: $44.00